Contrabbanda is a marching band composed of 9 street musicians:
six wind instruments, accordion, percussions, bass drum. A fanfare that, not needing an acoustic amplification, meets requirements of versatility and suppleness. Contrabbanda’s musicians give life to a marching band with large mobility and facility in movements, however able to play like a fanfare band in performance on stage.

Contrabbanda Marching Band take advantage of the experience and creativity of:

Donato Biscione : Soprano Sax/arrangement
Francesco Piras : Trumpet
Onsky : Alto Sax
Massimo Sciancalepore: Alto Sax
Mauro Cozzi : Tenor Sax
Fabio Codarri : Basso Tuba
Guido Baldoni : Accordion
Tarkievitz: Snare and percussions
Sergeij : Bass drum/megaphone

Every element of the fanfare band bring inside the group his own experience matured in different fields: so, not only street musicans, but instrumentalist able to move with sureness in every situation.